Planetary Delusion ...The Falling Away

By Steve Barrett
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Using the Authorized Bible, Steve Barrett explores the topic of the true age and shape of the earth. Barrett argues that the “heliocentric lie” has been the foundation for many deceiving theologies. This “planetary delusion,” has been a vehement force of indoctrination that could be the most deceptive way to introduce an intergalactic savior with malicious intent.

Planetary Delusion …The Falling Away describes the prevalence of end-times deception and illustrates the importance of the biblical description of earth and how it may be related to the falling away. While primarily an eschatological study, it was written with both the Christian and non-believer in mind. Readers willing to have an open mind will be provoked to study the Bible and dig deeper to discover the truth for themselves.

About the Author

Steve Barrett got saved in 2007 at the age of twenty-four. He had an interest in extraterrestrial life and is fascinated with biblical cosmology and its connection to eschatology. Over the years Barrett came to believe in a young earth. More recently he has come to understand the biblical doctrine of the shape of the earth and its relation to end-times.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 258