Picked Out And Chosen For God's Blessings

By Georgia M. Allen
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What does it mean to be blessed by God? What are the responsibilities involved in receiving the Lords favor? In Picked out and Chosen for Gods Blessings, Evangelist Georgia M. Allen considers the role of the active caring Christian in prose that is as joyful as it is persuasive. Allen keeps one eye on the present and the other on eternity, thus providing a work both instructional and inspirational. The reader is shown the significance of Gods presence in the lives of those selected to serve as instruments of love and peace.

About the Author

Evangelist Georgia M. Allen is a versatile and talented woman. Allen has felt the influence of God in her life since her childhood days, and this has inspired her throughout her unselfishly vivacious life. She works with children and participates in several church activities. Allen also loves music and is a choir member. She is married with one son and a granddaughter.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 36