Paul The Teacher

By Dr. Vincent Etwaroo
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Who would have thought that the great teacher of the Word, Paul, started out as a persecutor of Christians?

Arguably the most influential Christian missionary of the early times, Paul did not begin preaching the Word of God until after his life-changing experience at the road to Damascus, where Jesus appeared to him in great light, striking him blind.

In Paul the Teacher, Vincent Etwaroo shows how the great light that struck Paul blind was also the light that opened his eyes to God's truth, how he emerged from the incident a new man with a new sight and new purpose, and how the Holy Spirit's constant guidance in his missionary journeys led him to transform the lives of many.

About the Author

Vincent Etwaroo was born in Guyana, South America. He is a pastor at the Christian Fellowship Independent Church in Hartford, Connecticut. He obtained a bachelor's degree in Bible studies from the Manahath Theological College in Pennsylvania, and in 2007, he obtained his master's degree in biblical counseling from the Patriot Bible University in Colorado Springs. In 2011, he obtained his doctor of ministry degree from the same university. He and his wife, Jean, with their three boys and eight grandchildren, presently live in Hartford, Connecticut.

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Published: 2013
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