Ouch! It Hurts: Don't Despair–Jesus Is The Answer

By Rosa L. Booker
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Life is full of joyous celebrations, but it can also come with devastating hardships that might test one’s faith in God. Ouch! It Hurts, Don’t Despair—Jesus is the Answer is an inspirational book that will reinforce the reader’s faith in God as their strength and guiding light during difficult times.

Rosa L. Booker takes the reader through the unimaginable journeys of our biblical predecessors and teaches us how their continued faith in God helped them persevere. These steadfast supporters of the faith not only survived their trials, but afterwards they thrived because of their belief in and love for God. Rosa includes a prayer guide for salvation, with specific passages from the bible that will help even the most overwhelmed Christian maintain their faith throughout all of life’s challenges.

About the Author

Rosa L. Booker is an author and Assistant Pastor at Petersville Baptist Church in Buckingham County, Virginia. She was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write this book to encourage fellow Christians to remain steadfast in their faith and not lose hope when faced with life’s inevitable challenges. Rosa has been in the ministry for over twenty years and loves teaching and performing outreach on the Word of God.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32