None But The Righteous: A Refreshing Look At The Judeo-Christian Ethic

By Dr. Charles H. Miller Jr.
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None but the Righteous is a presentation of biblical Christianity, revealing fourteen miracles that are 100 percent true and happened either personally or in the ministry life of the author.

A thorough examination of None but the Righteous will prove conclusively God’s original and still existent plan of salvation. The statement “There is but one God and His name is Jesus” for some reason creates a reaction of alarm in multitudes of people, many of whom are professing Christians. Often, speakers, when delivering the Word, will reference God Almighty, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as the one and only God. If this is indeed true, why do they practice as if they really believe that there are multiple gods in the godhead? Scriptural evidence exists from Genesis to the Revelation which proves conclusively who God was, is and forever will be. The Holy Scriptures show plainly how God ultimately revealed Himself in the flesh as Jesus.

About the Author

Dr. Charles H. Miller Jr. has an A.S. from Ferrum College, a B.S. from Virginia Union U, an M.Ed. from the University of Virginia, and a D.Min. from Cornerstone Theo. University. He is a former elementary teacher, assistant principal, and principal and current college instructor. Dr. Miller will be receiving the Doctor of Divinity Degree in the academic year 2020.

Dr. Miller enjoys piano, guitar, and fishing. Dr. and Mrs. Miller are the parents of four children, fourteen grandchildren and one great-grandson. They live with their dog, Mr. Nelson, and cat, Ellie, in Chatham, Virginia.

Published: 2020
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