New Hope Church Bible Study And Correspondence Course

By Bishop Eugaston M. Davis Sr., D.D.
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In these troubled and morally challenged times, many people find themselves returning to the Bible and Gods Word for guidance and answers. But those answers arent always easy to find, and even clergy can find themselves at a loss for which Scripture is appropriate in which circumstance. It is with this in mind that Bishop Davis has penned his helpful and in-depth New Hope Church Bible Study and Correspondence Course for both clergy and laymen. Beginning with a list of seminar subjects and required reading, he includes a list of questions for which the answer can be found through careful reading of the recommended books of the Old and New testaments. He goes a step further, however, and focuses on particular books of the Bible, including the kings of Judah and Israel; asks pointed questions about Law and Grace; and performs biblical explorations by asking further thought-provoking questions about a variety of biblical and church-related statutes and beliefs. Thorough and all-encompassing, Bishop Daviss work will be of benefit to any student of God and the Bible.

About the Author

A native of Barbados, West Indies, Bishop Davis is pastor of the New Hope Church and share his life with his wife, Ella, and four children: Elvena, Velda, Katrina, and Eugaston, Jr.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 34