My Crystal Lily (Can Love Change Density?)

By Gheda Vuai
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Love shouldnt be judged by race, disability, wealth, gender, or anything else. Let us all love one another, and we will all make the world a better place. Author Gheda Vuai has seen young and innocent children playing together in the parks without having any prejudice toward one another. She believes children see the world in a different way compared to adults. Some people even say children see angels every now and then while adults cant see them. Everybody has his or her own freedom to believe in whatever he or she wants to believe, and from her observation, she believes children deserve that, too. My Crystal Lily is dedicated to all girls in the world so Gheda can tell them that beauty doesnt just lie in the eyes of the beholder; actually, beauty defines us. We are what makes the world beautiful. By nature, God created girls to be loved, be cherished by everybody, and to have equal rights. Gheda hopes in the future this will come true since she believes all girls are beautiful, and she happens to be one of them.

About the Author

Born in the beautiful island of Zanzibar, Tanzania, Gheda Vuai is a medical doctor who graduated from Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College (KCMC) in 2010 in Tanzania. She started writing her own stories, songs, and poems when she was in elementary school, and she is still writing them now, when she is free or in the middle of the night before she goes to bed. She wants to become a neurologist, neurosurgeon, or physiatrist in the future after seeing a lot of people being affected with neurological-related ailments in the community. She currently lives in Maryland with her family.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 174