Life: God's Plan / The Wonder Of It All

By Helen Goldie
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Life: Gods Plan: The Wonder of It All is a testimony of Gods faithfulness to author Helen Goldie and her family as they worked through extreme trials and challenges to fulfill their work in Christian ministry. Through many uncertainties, illnesses, and stresses, God led them through as her husband, Archie, completed his schooling while pastoring various churches and serving in the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec. Despite their seemingly impossible living, working, and schooling situations, the Goldies depended on the Lord to provide for them.

This book spans forty-eight years of their lives, over which they answered yes time and again as God posed before them one challenging adventure after another, always planting them exactly where He wanted them. The Goldies travelled to many countries as they represented the Baptist Convention, and the reader is provided with an interesting look at the international Christian church of the mid- to late twentieth century. God eventually led them to Washington, D.C., where Archie finished the last ten years of his career working for the Baptist World Alliance.

This is the story of Helen and her family, but it is also the story of the BWA, and it is, most importantly, a story of Gods people trusting Him as theyre guided, protected, and richly blessed by Him.

Helen feels that God wanted her to write about His wonderful love. Only now, in her senior years, can she tell their story of how God weaved His golden thread of faith, hope, and love through the tapestry of her familys lives as they put their trust in him.

This book was written to inspire its readers to know that God is a God of love and that He wants only the best for us; that He is a God we can depend on for life. God has a plan for our lives. We must trust Him and attempt great things, allowing Him to guide us through prayer and supplication.

About the Author

Helen Goldie was born in Canada. Her husband, Dr. Archie Goldie, D.D., emigrated from Scotland to Canada after World War II. They have been married for sixty-three years and have five children, eleven grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. They served the Lord in three Canadian churches and in the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec. Then, in 1981, they moved to Washington, D.C., when Archie became the director of Baptist World Aid with the Baptist World Alliance. Retired, they tell their story of God carrying them through years of challenging circumstances, and finally into a world ministry.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 290