It’s Time To Journey With Jesus From His Manger To His Mission: The Unrecorded Years

By Charlotte Kramer
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Magdalene looked at Jesus and knew when she was in His presence there was something different about His character. There was a loving atmosphere that seemed to actually change the physical environment that surrounded Him. The grasses became greener, the blades became stronger, the blooms more colorful and the flowers smelled sweeter. Magdalene was caught up in an ethereal realm where she felt like she was too exquisite for the world she was in… and she was absolutely sure Jesus was too perfect for this world. She gazed at Him and she realized it was He who made her feel that way.

It’s Time gives the reader a greater understanding of conflicting politics on the lips of first-century Jerusalem citizens and Jewish principles in a Roman world.

This book shines new light on the Magi and their interpretation of the heavenly spheres as it pertained to the birth of Jesus and their duty to Jesus while He was a youth. It offers a broader understanding of Joseph of Arimathea and the role he played in the life of Jesus. Through this new light, the reader has a greater understanding of Jesus as a youth. The scriptures are silent on these missing years, and it is time to sift out a logical, although imaginary, life surrounding Jesus as a youth that He could have lived in the first-century world.

About the Author

Charlotte Kramer, a native of Daytona Beach, majored in art history at Florida Atlantic University. In the mid-90s she began her writing career with books spanning a timeline that extends from the pharaonic period, to the Roman Empire, fifth-century Alexandria Egypt, up to the Scottish-Irish trek to the New World and a time-travel book about the Indian Trail of Tears.

Charlotte spends time between two residences: St. Augustine, Florida, where she is surrounded with Old World History; and a country cottage in the Panhandle of Florida, which gives her solitude and inspiration for her craft: writing and illustrating.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32