It Starts With Me

By James M. Mian
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True Christianity is more than attending church services on Sundays before returning home and not thinking about your faith again for a full week. True Christianity is more than passively reading the Bible because that is what you are supposed to do. True Christianity is more than having good intentions that result in good actions some of the time. True Christianity is always intentional – and it is always hard work.

James M. Mian has been through more than most in his life, struggling with both addiction and personal tragedy. While he was raised in the Catholic Church, it was not until later in life that he truly found God and Jesus Christ. His story is one of tremendous struggle and an enduring faith that has helped to make him a man that others can look to as an example. Join him on his journey.

About the Author

James M. Mian has been a Christian for about eight years. He spent thirty-five years in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) prior to becoming a Christian. For the last five years he studied the Bible. The more he read and studied, the more he wrote. Through writing, the Holy Spirit helped him meditate on what he needed to change.

Just like a lot of people, Mian has his challenges. He was a victim of depression for many years. With the help of Jesus and friends in his Bible studies, Mian is receiving victory. He has morals and a life with purpose and meaning. With the help of Jesus, he is finally learning the meaning of true happiness. Jesus has given Mian a way to live that has overcome his depression.

Published: 2017
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