Into The Vivid Light And The Reckoning

By Lance R. Martin
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Have you ever found yourself wondering why you are here? Do you question if God exists? Lance R. Martin seeks to answer those and other spiritual questions through his personal spiritual events in Into the Vivid Light and the Reckoning.

While in prison, captive for over a quarter century, Martin’s only view to the outside world came through a small color TV. Unlike the outside world, overtaken by advancements in science and technology, Martin was able to call on the forces of God and, in doing so, experienced several spiritual visions in his life. Follow along with Martin as he walks you through his journey in finding God and connecting with His Spirit in a way you may have never thought possible!

About the Author

In addition to writing his memoir, Lance R. Martin enjoys writing manuals and is currently working on two manuals titled, “The King of Combat: Tactics and Conditioning Manual” and “The King of Football: An Essential Coaches Manual.” When Martin is not writing, he enjoys studying Constitutional Law and believes that “Knowledge is Power.”

Published: 2019
Page Count: 100