In The Glory Zone

By Pamela Taylor
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No struggle is too great for those who trust in God. Author Pamela Taylor is proof.

Her autobiography, In the Glory Zone, shows how God allowed her faith in him to grow during her financial struggles and other challenging times. With utter honesty, Taylor recounts her hardships, as well as the miracles and blessings she experienced along the way.

Because Taylor started writing In the Glory Zone at a very young age, this book has taken over twenty years to write and complete. Through prayer, prophecy, and God’s spoken word over her life, Taylor weathered tumultuous storms to get to where she is today. Now, she is able to share her story, which can inspire and encourage anyone who has felt hopeless or helpless.

About the Author

Pamela Taylor enjoys serving God’s people. She is a Staff pastor at Praise Fellowship Church in Wilmer, Texas. Taylor was a leader of the Upper Room Women’s Ministry for fourteen years, and she started a Noon Day Prayer Ministry. She currently oversees Outreach/Evangelism within the community. Taylor has also served in several ministries over the past years as a youth leader, a Sunday School teacher, and a choir president.

Taylor loves spending time with her family and friends, and she also enjoys reading, writing, and watching movies.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 122