Humanities' Synergetics

By Dmytro Romanchenko
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How do we resolve the disagreements commonly seen between religion and science and practically and beneficially apply the results to modern private and public life?

The complex language of the scriptures has always remained puzzling. Leveraging the philosophical tools from applied philosophy logic theories of computer science and data analytics, Dmytro Romanchenko sets on a quest to ask and answer these hard questions. Throughout his explorations, he uses the polymath principles of scientist and theologian Isaac Newton’s work Observations Upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse, and the cross functional systems approach of renowned engineer. Buckminster Fuller in Synergetics is a solution is presented here.

About the Author

With a long-standing interest in social sciences and comparative studies and the fastest reading speed in his elementary school, Dmytro Romanchenko finished reading the atheistic Great Soviet Encyclopedia by the time he was eight years old and the spiritual writings of the Bible two years later. Despite having immigrated to the United States, Romanchenko’s interest on social sciences continued and he enrolled in college level history and political science courses, despite also being an ESL student at the time.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 92