Human Resource Management Practices In The Church: A Study Of The H.R. Practices In The Church Of God Reformation Movement In Barbados

By Rev. Lionel L. Gibson
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Human Resource Management Practices in the Church: A Study of the H.R. Practices in the Church of God Reformation Movement in Barbados examines the crucial role of Human Resource Management in the people-focused Church ministry. Service organizations, such as the Church, have little to sell but their good service, which makes them uniquely dependent on their employees and volunteers attitudes and motivations and on good H.R. management practices.

In this book, Rev. Lionel L. Gibson has sought to ascertain through proper research methods and due diligence the degree of presence or absence of HRM practices in the Church and the likely effect this may have on Church management.

About the Author

Rev. Lionel L. Gibson is a native of Barbados, where he serves as a minister in the General Assembly of the Church of God in Barbados. Educated in Christian Education at the University of Almeda, where he obtained a masters degree in theology, Rev. Gibson completed his post-graduate work at the University of Surrey (U.K.), earning a masters of science degree in Human Resource Management.


Published: 2010
Page Count: 64