How Was I Supposed To Know That God Has Created A Perfect World/Universe?

By Miles Austin
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From my own experience, Ive found that searching and finding out that God has created a perfect world/universe relieves me of the stress and pressure of being in a world/universe of total confusion and turmoil while trying to make sense out of my daily struggles of living. If you notice, I did not say that I am free from the struggles and pressures of daily living.

It should be expected that a casual observer of life in this present world/universe would feel much better mentally, physically, and spiritually, knowing without doubt there is a God, and He is in control. I would also expect that like myself, a person who finds out that God has created a perfect world/universe and is in control of it would begin to act otherwise from one not having this knowledge or belief. Based upon logic, he or she should begin to develop a paradigm of living to conform to this perfection or remain in a state of confusion, stress, and anxiety.

My prayer is that during the administration of President Barack Obama, the Christian Church will rise to grapple with him in his formidable struggle in making America a great nation by standing with its poor as we pass health care legislation in order to care for all Americans. We thank God for our dear brother, the late Senator Teddy Kennedy, who died in the battle.

About the Author

Dr. Austin has been an outstanding factor in pioneering urban social programs for such international organizations as the Young Mens & Womens Christian Association of Newark, New Jersey & Vicinity and the American National Red Cross of the Essex County Chapter, and the United States Department of Labor. His doctorate from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey, in 1976, focusing on Christian Discipleship, and treating the human condition continues to be the dynamic thrust of his work in the Church and in the community. Dr. Austin is presently Adjunct Professor in Psychology with an intertwine with Scripture at the Somerset Christian College in New Jersey.

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Published: 2013
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