Hope In Hard Times

By Judy Dunn Palmer
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If you've ever felt down and out, you'll relate to this book, Hope in Hard Times. One morning, Judy Dunn Palmer woke up and couldn't brush her teeth. Her right hand was frozen in the shape of the letter "C". She received a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis, but despite having one of the best doctors in the area and one of the best medicines, nothing worked. Her hand remained frozen. In fact, it stayed that way for two years. This is God's story of how He took this broken-down woman, wrapped His arms around her and straightened her fingers. This is an inspirational story of healing that will encourage and comfort many readers.

About the Author

Judy Dunn Palmer grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, and learned by example that God and family were most important. She is eternally grateful to her parents for their example. She is pleased to be a servant to the children of God in many different areas, such as in her role as Mom to the five children she and her husband have together. These are children of her heart, not her body. Yet, no children could be more dear to her. She is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University in Journalism and Medical Anthropology. She was an editor at the Centre Daily Times in State College, PA, and for the Citizens Voice Online Newsletter. Currently, she edits the Truck Stop Newsletter for Faith Road Ministries. She now teaches classes in English, Writing, and Literature both in person and online. She always finds time for writing. She is now working on her second novel titled Adopting As A Single Parent.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 88