Hope Blooms In A Garden Of Faith

By Suzy Q Winn
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Hope Blooms in a Garden of Faith is Suzy Q Winn’s story about her life, overcoming trauma beginning from childhood through the Army, law enforcement, and serious illness topped with chronic pain. The overarching theme is that hope is there even in the darkest of times. Most people have lived through at least one of her traumas, and if her story can help even one person, with hope, healing, or inspiration, it was worth sharing.

About the Author

Suzy Q Winn has been involved in her community in many aspects. She’s been involved with the American Cancer Society since 1994, as a participant, trainer, leader, and mentor. She loves to read, write, sew, run, hike, and bike, and she makes customized quilts for children and adults with cancer so they always feel their loved ones hugging them. Suzy’s family is comprised of military and first responders, continuing their service to the community. They love to camp, hike, fish, travel, and explore. Suzy was in the Army, deployed to Saudi Arabia during the Persian Gulf War at the age of 18, and went into law enforcement for 17 years, 4 as a dispatcher and 13 as a deputy sheriff. She completed the police academy at 33, after cancer and being told she’d probably never run farther than from home to first base due to the scarring in her lungs from radiation, and she has found that our mindsets can push us further than our bodies think they can go, which has helped Suzy overcome more than thought possible.

Published: 2022
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