By William Moore
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The Joyful Pursuit

Holiness, The Joyful Pursuit, one of several books by author William Moore, is a product of Moore’s extensive study of the Bible over the past 60 years. His life has been devoted to this calling, and has led his Christian associates to refer to him as a “preacher’s teacher.”

This book examines the aspects of a holy life, replete with helpful biblical references and examples. Holiness, necessary for a Christian life, should be practiced with a joyful spirit. The author provides a comprehensive look at attributes of Christianity such as humility, repentance, and faithfulness. Anyone looking for a scripture-based guide on incorporating holiness with joy into everyday life, look no further. Moore has provided it here.

About the Author

William Moore devoted his life to Christ at the age of 18 and has been studying Him ever since. Moore started his professional career as a computer systems analyst (when the profession was just beginning) and then completed a Bachelor’s Degree, with an MBA following shortly thereafter. After teaching college IT courses, Moore retired from his profession and turned to his calling of mission work. He has been blessed to serve with several organizations in overseas missions, including work in the Middle East and Russia. This is one of his several published books.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 106