Having Tasted

By Queen Esther Chatman
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Having Tasted demonstrates that there are exquisite expectations for those who would dare to forsake all and seek an intimate relationship with God. While new Christians initially seek God with fervor, too many become frustrated along a misguided path that leaves them squandering years in fruitless pursuit. Only through personal, honest, and sincere communication can we reach out toward the fulfillment God offers. Nothing in the world can compare to the experience of becoming one with Him. This communion encourages us to honestly and earnestly seek Him, to not be satisfied with just tasting but to go on to experience gracious fulfillment. In Having Tasted, we find the inspiration and courage to strive toward knowing God, seeking His face through a personal relationship.

About the Author

Queen Esther Chatman holds a doctorate of theology and currently serves as the president of Saints Academy Bible College. She also ministers extensively through her efforts in evangelism, substance abuse ministries, and work with individuals residing in nursing homes. The author resides in Missouri with her husband of forty-four years, Charlie Chatman, and she is the mother of Renita J.E.C. Brown. Having Tasted is her first published book.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 48