Goodbye For Now?

By William F. Guilmette
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Bill sheds a new light on death through the eyes of a true paramedic. As he contemplates his career in the medical profession, he is able to view death as a natural progression from earth to Gods Kingdom. This is a testament to all doubters of faith. Bill urges you to do your homework and read Gods word to draw a truthful conclusion on religion and find your lifes purpose. Ignore interference from critics and skeptics alike and follow the path of God that will gloriously lead you from death to freedom. Goodbye for Now is an extremely insightful book about one mans search for real answers to real life issues. Bills journey takes him face to face with one of mans deepest, most compelling questions, What will happen to me when I die? This question brings him into the very presence of the Almighty Himself. Once there, he finds a God who is not afraid of our questions. This book is a must read for anyone who has struggled with what lies beyond the grave. - Rev. Norb Levesque

About the Author

A retired paramedic, Bill currently lives in Fall River, Massachusetts, with wife, Deborah. They have ten children: Rachel, Kathleen, Brian, Randall, Selena, Kenneth, Anastasia, Wesley, Hunter, and Christina (deceased). Bill is the chairman of the Fall River Commission on Disabilities, and is active in the Hillside Bible Baptist Church. He has been a professional pianist for over thirty-four years and plays with a popular country gospel group called the Hillside Galileans. This is his first published book.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 38