God Is Love! I Don't Think So!

By E-Bennie
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God Is Love! I Dont Think So! author E-Bennie has written a book for the ages. He tackles the difficult question of how God can be a God of love with so many innocent people dying as a result of natural and weather-related disasters. He also discusses why God allows people to die as a result of ruthless, evil murders, and he questions how God can be love when so many unjust people in the world control governments and money with the divesting result of exploiting the poor and needy. Many of these cold, uncaring people are the wealthiest. E-Bennie gives a brilliant explanation that will bring those who read this book a deeper understanding of the God who created the universe, whether you call him Allah or Jehovah. In addition, this book explains the purpose of Jesus Christ and how every person can be a part of Gods eternal plan. God Is Love! I Dont Think So! is so theologically sound that it will help believers in Jesus Christ have a solid knowledge of evangelism, and it will give believers encouragement to communicate their faith in the midst of personal and worldwide catastrophes in the lives of the human race.

About the Author

Founder and president of the Youth Family Community Renewal and the Marshall Plan for Cities, E-Bennie holds a combination Bachelor of Arts degree from the Moody Bible Institute and Indiana University. A native of Gary, Indiana, E-Bennie is also the Founder/Evangelist and former pastor of the Church of Gary Covenant and is a member of the Interfaith Clergy Council of Gary and Vicinity. Evangelist Bennie Simmons Jr. worked with teenagers in Youth for Christ for 17 years, 7 as Executive Director. He also works for a nutritional company Youngevity promoting wellness and long life.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 32