God Gave Me A Miracle To Share With You!

By Billy Smith
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God Gave Me a Miracle to Share with You! by Billy Smith is a true story about his life as a member of the Armed Forces; as the husband to the love of his life, Janet; and as a messenger of Jesus Christ. In the book, Mr. Smith details the vivid stories of his life. His life has been spared multiple times, from a close call with a copperhead snake to a malfunctioning weapon. He believes he was spared for a higher purpose – to receive visions from the Lord and to spread the Lord’s Word to the people of the world.

Mr. Smith also enjoyed a rich life full of travel and wonder, with his beloved wife, Janet, at his side. Ultimately, Janet would lose her battle with cancer, but Mr. Smith continues to cherish her memory. This wonderful true story is dedicated to Janet Smith, and all the veterans of the United States Armed Forces, who continue to be the reason we live such free lives.

About the Author

Billy Smith was born February 12, 1936, in his family home as a winter storm was raging. He has been blessed with three visions from God during his life, one that came to him early in life, in 1942. Mr. Smith enlisted in the Army in 1955 and was promptly sent to New Jersey, then on to Fort Sill, Oklahoma. After that, he volunteered for a hardship tour in Iceland. After being discharged in 1957, Mr. Smith married his wife, Janet, in 1960.

This book details Mr. Smith’s life and his time being shaped and prepared for his life’s purpose of being a messenger for the Lord.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 176