God Exists! 50 Profound Proofs

By Matthew Armstrong
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Some of the most important questions in one’s life are: Where will I live for all eternity? Is God real? Will I live in His kingdom? Is it possible to prove the existence of God?

God Exists! explores fifty proofs that God absolutely exists. Prophecy demonstrates the existence of God. Events taking place in the world today reveal that God exists and knows what will happen well in advance. The universe displays the handiwork of God.

About the Author

Matthew Armstrong enjoys spending time at the neighborhood park. He watches the PGA tournaments and then tries to make a putt on the local golf course. The Masters is his favorite event. Armstrong loves to drive in an area and take in the beauty of roses, azaleas, dogwood trees, wildflowers. He has an engineering background designing water mains, storm sewers, roadways, subdivisions. Armstrong has served as a deacon, elder, and Sunday school teacher at church.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 184