Gifts From The Foot Of The Cross

By Gary Robert Villani
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This volume came to fruition at the request of attendees from many of the Sunday school classes the author has led over the past twenty years. The majority of spiritual messages contained in this book came directly from the support material prepared for these sessions, which ultimately led to class members stating, “You’ve got to put that on paper!”

Gifts from the foot of the Cross is not a devotional. The underlying theme of the book is simple and direct—it is designed to reach the everyday Christian and let them know they are not alone in facing the stumbles, slips, trips, and falls they may be experiencing in their daily spiritual walk. Additionally, there are numerous suggestions on how to successfully avoid these pitfalls, and each entry is backed by Biblical passages. It is Gary’s sincere hope that the reader will immediately identify with the material in these stories and subsequently find spiritual support and direction to get back on the spiritual wellness trail.

About the Author

Gary Robert Villani is a retired executive who recently completed a forty-two year tenure in the airline industry. He met his beautiful wife, Cathy, on one of his assignments in the Caribbean, and the couple has been blessed with two fabulous daughters: Genese, a NICU nurse, and Breanna, a camera operator in the film industry.

Gary’s reconnection to his spirituality began after a near-death experience at age fifty, and since then his passion for the Lord has only grown. Gary also enjoys golfing and hiking, and has hiked many U.S. National Parks, as well as Switzerland, Italy, Chile, and Argentina.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 292