From Poverty To Purpose

By Dr. Edward G. Robinson, Ed. D
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From Poverty to Purpose: Defining My Purpose from Circumstance to Fulfillment is designed to provide hope, direction, and a sense of purpose to children and adults alike as life takes them through their respective journeys. Dr. Edward G. Robinson’s hope for readers is that they’ll understand no matter what their circumstances in life may be, there is still a purpose for their existence. With persistence and dedication to goals in life, they can achieve anything.

About the Author

Dr. Edward G. Robinson is an educator, administrator, adjunct professor, and professional musician. One of his hobbies outside of music is fishing, but what he enjoys the most is playing and listening to jazz music. As a musician Dr. Robinson has performed around the world from Eastern Europe to the Caribbean Islands. He is a song writer, church musician, and mentor for the 5000 role model of excellence program in Miami, Florida. As an administrator, Dr. Robinson has provided leadership to teachers and students on all levels (elementary, middle and high school). He has been a college professor for over twenty years and has also been involved in the community in many different capacities: He was the chairman of the board for the Historic Hampton House, which is a historical land mark in south Florida, and he sits on the executive board of the Urban League of Miami where he participate on the educational committee for urban and inner-city schools.

(2018, Hardcover, 64 pages)

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