Does Your Flame Flicker?

By Grampa Ed
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Does Your Flame Flicker? covers many small items pertaining to reading and studying the Bible. There are some jokes and stories for the reader to enjoy, along with a few things the author has seen during his time going to church over the years. Some will hit home, other people may never have seen anything or heard of anything like it. Through studying tips to concise overviews of each book of the Bible, ways to strengthen faith and become a better Christian are firmly established throughout the book.

Most of all, Grampa Ed is trying to get you, the reader, to read the Bible and find God and his only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

About the Author

Grampa Ed has worked in the petroleum and chemical industry in research and as a foreman, until he took an early retirement to take care of his wife during her last few months on Earth. After her death, he strayed away from the Church. He would walk every day and pray as he walked. One day, he had a health problem and ended up in the hospital, not once, but three times in six months. This is when someone was telling him to write this book, and it was not someone on Earth. Tell him what you like or dislike about the book at

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 118