Discovering God’s Priceless Gems: My Amazing Assignment

By Pearlie I. Ealey-Forrest
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In Discovering God’s Priceless Gems, author Pearlie I. Ealey-Forrest gives an intimate account of her journey of faith. Beginning with how reading How to Find God by Dr. Billy Graham led her to faith in Jesus Christ, readers get a glimpse of the scenes and details of her decades of presenting “The Plan of Salvation.” She shares the many the joys, struggles, and insights of someone sharing the good news by whatever means possible.

This memoir will inspire many readers to begin the adventure of sharing God’s action in their lives. For others, it will motivate them to soar to higher peaks through positive conversations and honest deeds. Ultimately Inez Forrest hopes readers will experience God’s presence in these pages and that He may receive their praises and thankfulness in a mighty way.

About the Author

Pearlie I. Ealey-Forrest was raised in rural Georgia as one of seven children. When she was fifteen, her family moved to small town of Collins, Georgia. She and her six siblings walked to and from school five miles round-trip and enjoyed adventures and finding crawling creatures.

She attended the University of Cincinnati and was later an investigator for the Hamilton County Department of Human Services. After retirement, she returned to her hometown and became a tutor for “at-risk” students in the public schools. Inez Forrest now lives in an independent senior’s home in Atlanta, George, where she teaches a weekly encouragement class. She enjoys interacting with people and writing.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 92