Curiosity Saved This Cat

By D.L. Tudor
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Are you willing to add to the knowledge you already have concerning what the Bible has to say about salvation? Do you think you can get to heaven on your own terms? Do you know what Gods terms are? Then this book is exactly what you need to lead you to God and His terms for you. This is aimed at reminding mankind that God is alive and active in each of our lives. We have a loving and compassionate heavenly Father who has prepared a perfect plan for our worship of Him. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own desires that we forget to take time out for God.

In addition to a background on what the Bible has to say about salvation, this book offers specific references as to where to find the information in the Bible. Encouraging you to look it upand offering the specific references for the materialD. L. Tudors book hopes to spur your curiosity enough that you will want to get the answers on your own.

We all have the resources available to find the information. Tudor promises that he doesnt know any more about this subject than what is available to the reader. One reader stated, If they dont get it, its because they dont want to.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 100