Brain, Mind, Soul, And Spirit

By Mack E. Crayton III, Ph. D.
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As both a Christian and a scientist, two entities that many consider to be opposite of one another, Mack E. Crayton III, Ph.D. explores the often-overlooked convergence between the science of the mind and the truths of the spirit.

Inspired by his work in Genetics research, Dr. Crayton wrote Brain, Mind, Soul, and Spirit for three powerful reasons. He wants to prove that Biological science and Biblical Scriptures support each other much more than they contradict each other. He wants to provide a straightforward science reference book for the clergy that can be used to prepare sermons and lessons. Finally, he wants to pair Biblical Scripture with scientific data to ask whether modern and alternative interpretations of Scripture are warranted.

Many historical interpretations of Biblical Scripture have left people feeling marginalized when it comes to matters of the brain and mind as they relate to mental illness; determining when human life begins or ends; understanding our spirituality and sexualities; and the inherent powers of the human mind. This religious marginalization has caused millions of people to live unfulfilled lives, life without love, and have driven others to suicide or acts of terrorism.

Complete with discussion questions at the end of each chapter, Brain, Mind, Soul, and Spirit invites you to a greater knowledge of God’s creation, a knowledge which will decrease fear and foster increased inclusiveness and love.

About the Author

Mack E. Crayton III, Ph.D. is the Founder and CEO of Crayton’s Services LLC, which provides educational and graphic design services. He has been a Christian since the age of eight and was reared in an African-American Southern Baptist Church. Currently, he serves as the lead Church Administrator of a non-denominational ministry in the City of New Orleans.

Dr. Crayton’s undergraduate and graduate studies were in Biological Science. He earned his doctorate degree in Genetics from the University of Connecticut, Storrs in 2003. He has twenty-five years of teaching experience on the college level and is a former Assistant Professor in Genetics and Molecular Biology at Xavier University of Louisiana. As a research scientist, he has peer review publications in professional science journals and research training from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories in Long Island, New York.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 60