Biblical Genesis Vs. Science's Big Bang: Why The Bible Is Correct

By David Rosenberg
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In this book on the big bang and black holes, you will find much evidence that the Hebrew Bible is most accurate in describing creation of the Universe. Since virtually all physical scientists are taught and believe in singularities, they have become stuck in black hole gravity and can’t explain the big bang. The Biblical solution overthrows more than 60 years of cosmology and nuclear physics work with singularities. Scientists today still have no solution to the big bang and if you read this book, you will find out why. Dr. Rosenberg has tried to make this book mostly without equations and has saved the rigorous equations for the scientific paper at the end, which is available on the Internet Astrophysics Archives,

About the Author

David Rosenberg holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from New York Polytechnical Institute, a master’s in chemical engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology, and a doctorate degree from SUNY Brooklyn. He has worked for Naugatuck Chemical on polymerization models and for combustion engineering on large chemical plants and nuclear models. After taking advanced physics courses at NJIT and Princeton, he worked with Edward (Rocky) Kalb on nucleosynthesis of the big bang. He used a big bang model based on the Bible to post a number of papers on the internet astrophysics archives. While in the LSU Relativity Group Loni Hyrel 17, he worked on black hole formation models on the computer. At the same time, he preferred a biblically based model that explains dark matter, dark energy, missing antimatter, and everything else.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 184