Bible Letters To The Public Editor

By Dan Arthur Pryor & Hal Arthur Pryor
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"Direct, heartfelt religious essays that mostly preach to the choir." - Kirkus Reviews

In Bible Letters to the Public Editor, author Dan Arthur Pryor shares religious letters he has written that have been published in local newspapers. These letters were written for Catholics who have stopped going to Mass or have stopped practicing the Catholic faith. They were also written for other types of Christians who do not fully live a religious faith-based life. The letters present a Catholic viewpoint on topics like abortion, gay marriage, suicide, martyrs and the role of the Catholic Church in society. The collection ends with similarly themed letters written by the author’s father, Hal Arthur Pryor.

Bible Letters may appeal to readers who are interested in rediscovering or discovering a fully religious faith-based life.

About the Author

Dan Arthur Pryor’s own religious journey was missing full participation as a Catholic. From ages 18 through to 48, he missed all Masses, not from disbelief, just laziness. He always knew he would be back, and so he did return, full force, at age 48.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 68

Customer Reviews

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Dan Pryor
Bible Letters to the Public Editor

I have read this book many times and I always find the Bible insight on these moral / immoral issues to be a defining line of truth as only the Bible can be.

arthur pryor
bible letters to the public editor

A very different way of revealing the Biblical truths.