Almighty Goddess: Presenting the Long-Suppressed Biblical Proof that The Holy Spirit of the Divine Trinity Is a Feminine Person / A Woman’s Place Is in God’s Plan: How the Bible Promotes Female Equality

By Dennis Keith Klopp
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Are you ready to know the truth of the Trinity and live a better and more hopeful spiritual life? For too long Christian religious texts have been misread and misunderstood. The Christian God is made up of the God the Father, God the Son – and Goddess the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother and Wife, the All-Wise Counselor. Dennis Keith Klopp brings to light the powerful female divine that has always been a part of the Christian faith.

Using the Bible, Apocrypha, and detailed Hebrew translations, Klopp proves how feminine Holy Spirit has been with us since the beginning. She is Solomon’s female Wisdom, the true Mother of Jesus, and our eternal advocate and comforter. She is in our hearts and will guide you to peace and individual righteousness.

Worshipping the Trinity as a Holy Family will change how you see God and your role in the world. Klopp shares how this new view of the inclusive family of God will reveal information about Heaven, angels, and the Divine Plan for humankind. The feminine Holy Spirit is not a new idea – She has been with us always and has and now you can see her role and yours in the world.

About the Author

Dennis Keith Klopp’s offering here of the illuminating revelations culled out of our own Bibles and from corroborating related literary witnesses, stems not from any biased religious “platforms” answerable to the world’s ecclesiastical academia.

He did not study under and graduate from Organized Religion’s Universities or Theological Seminaries.

If he had, most of his discoveries and conclusions would have been false and grossly in error.

Rather, Dennis began to study the Bible on his own at the age of 18, and it took him through about 45 years of painstaking research and studious evaluation of God’s True Word in its original intent among its original settings, to be ready to challenge the entire clerical community’s self-serving wholesale distortion of the real meaning of the Holy Scripture of the Supreme Being.

This is Dennis Keith Klopp’s first book about the Bible.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 122