Adopted By God: How To Be And Live As An Adopted Child Of God

By Joseph E. and Mary L. Holley
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Have you ever wished for spiritual guidance from someone who knows how to explain the Word of God in a loving way? Joseph E. and Mary L. Holley do just that, and they will show you how Jesus has offered the same heartfelt spiritual guidance in the Bible. This book will help you feel the tremendous love of Jesus Christ, understand His wisdom, and answer His call by developing a relationship with Him and obtaining the tools to witness for Him. Open yourself to the love of Christ and commit yourself to a more fulfilling life while ensuring the wellbeing of your eternal soul. ABOUT THE AUTHORS Joseph E. Holley is originally from Wisconsin, and he is an Army veteran. Mary L. Holley is a native of Michigan, and like Joseph, she has been involved in the visual arts for many years. They are married, and both have been actively involved in community arts programming while living in Georgia, where they resided for thirty years until their recent move to Kentucky. They have five children: Donald, Sharon, William, Christine, and Chester. The couple has been involved in street evangelism through their church, for which they handed out Jesus Letters to people in the Coastal State Prison and elsewhere. They wrote this book as a means of compiling these letters and making them accessible to more people.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 56