A Parental/Instructor's Guide To "My Body Is A Sacrifice"

By Meme P.
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We all know God loves us, yet accountability comes, but recovery is available for those who wish to be holy, healthy, and forgiven unto salvation. God's hand reaches down with His grace and love to bring awareness, healing, growth, and physical and mental health. We can learn to avoid wickedness and unlawful acts through Him. 

With Workbook for My Body Is a Sacrifice, we learn the vital importance of safety, virginity, boundaries, and self-confidence. God desires to help the victim and violators. We must be alert and protect and teach our children. Even those who refuse to believe in Christ, He requires protection of the people.

About the Author

Meme P. served briefly on her local HOA in 2020. Crossword puzzles are exciting, challenging, and relaxing as well. She also enjoys venturing into new places with her grandchildren, such as horseback riding, painting, and more. 

Meme also enjoys giving to different organizations such as Haven of Rest in Akron, Ohio; the Salvation Army; and others. She also asks God how to be a blessing to people she sees in public. 

A divorced mother of two children, Meme also enjoys being a grandmother of four. She loves to worship God with family and friends and laughing with people. She is blessed to have her mom (having eight children), who raised them in the faith of Christ. 

Meme also graduated in May 2022 from Ohio Christian University with a Bachelor's degree in Leadership in Ministry and a minor in Biblical Studies.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30