A Guide For Pastors, Leaders, And Congregations: How To Grow A Congregation Spiritually

By Dr. Clinton Craig Hoggard
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"A Guide for Pastors, Leaders, and Congregations” How to Grow a Congregation Spiritually and in Number through Preaching is just that: a study in how to grow congregations through preaching, addressing such challenges as:

How to make prospective members of the church feel more welcomed/accepted;

How to welcome back lapsed members of the congregation who may feel detached from the congregation or church leadership;

How to speak to the congregation using their voice, with specific understanding to their needs and circumstance.

By interviewing church goers, those who used to attend church, and church leadership at Vine Memorial Baptist Church, all of whom provided up close and personal information that speaks directly to the problems facing many congregations today, Hoggard was able to provide meaningful solutions to these issues and more.

About the Author

Dr. Clinton Craig Hoggard is a community activist, dedicated to fighting against racism and racial injustice. His special interest is seeking Justice for African Americans, blacks, persons of color, and all humankind through writing and speaking. Ultimately, he seeks to become a servant for the United States of America as a Senator. His book, "A Guide for Pastors, Leaders, and Congregations." was written and authored out of his Doctoral Dissertation and project conducted at Vine Memorial Baptist Church.

Hoggard comes from a large family composed of eight brothers and four sisters. His hobbies include reading various writings and books, watching documentaries, (history) action movies and MSNBC, swimming, working out, playing basketball, jogging, cooking, gardening, spending time with God, spending time with his family.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 100