Why Wait?

By Joseph H. Schlereth
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A Hospice Call to Life

During his work in hospice, Joseph H. Schlereth has become more and more convinced that discovering and accepting what matters in life shouldn’t wait for a grim diagnosis. At first blush, “hospice” and “life” are not synonymous terms. This book takes the reader through a new process of looking at faith and death, which offers fullness of life regardless of age or position.

About the Author

Joseph H. Schlereth is a lifelong resident of southwestern Pennsylvania. His family was in the mainstream of blue collar life in the 1950s–1980s. Half of his working career followed that direction; he worked in local factories when he and his wife raised their children. Seeing a change in local culture, and

wondering if he could handle the physical part of factory work as he aged, he decided to go into nursing. After five years in long-term care, hospice was brought to his attention. He knew almost nothing about it, but he was willing to try it. After a month, Schlereth felt like he’d found his place. That was seventeen years ago. Work still requires much of his time, but he enjoys relaxing with family or friends. He also maintains his connection with his local church. Life is good.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 48