The Four Steps Towards Love

By Joseph Guyton
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This book is about feelings, wisdom, passion, humor, joy and entertainment. There are erotic stories of love, poems of romance, love letters, facts of life and some plain old shit that you have heard before. Over thousands of years society has practiced to cultivating, educating, legislating, manipulating and discriminating on how love is shared. Sometimes it happens naturally; two people become one forever after. The circle of trust, faith and commitment has been established – they were soulmates from the beginning. Some find love through marriage, others find love from the birth of their child and there are those who just stumble upon love. But if you believe the love of your life is out there, then you must practice how to love yourself first.

About the Author

Joseph Guyton holds three degrees in the fields of Criminal Justice, Private Investigation and Business Management. He began his professional life as a cartoonist for the New Jersey Voice when he was sixteen, moving on to become a photographer for a modeling agency and later worked his way up through the bookseller industry over a twenty-five-year period. During that time, he owned and managed several retail spaces. He now works in private security.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 88