“Surviving the Blaze”

By Captain Aaron Tzamarot
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About the Book/Author

The Strong “Ray” of “My Light” shine on “Top” of my “Hebrew” “Lion-God” and “Ziggy’s” unbeatable heart.

The author is 58 who lived 29 years in Israel and 29 in the US. A son of a holocaust survivor. This is a factual story about a young boy growing up during wars, friendships, betrayals, loyalty, trust, military, war, sacrifice, officers academy, survival, a new country, immigrations, family, “Backstreet Boys”, surgeries, courts, fraud, corruption and a miracle dog named “Ziggy”.

“This book is in forever memory of my dad, Shlomo, family and fallen friends.”

Everyone should read it. Whatever God you believe in, have an open mind. It’s probably your own story! Specifically, if you are a decent, honest, regular person who feels that they are always on the other side and the losing team to the system, big corrupt corporations and banks. Normal “little guys” who have been taken advantage of, hit “financial wall”, no fault of their own, who just want simple peace, the truth, honesty and security, but don’t know who to trust and what to do next.

An inspiring story of a miracle rescued dog, Ziggy, a black lab mix, mostly gentle “pit bull”, that some heartless “humans” decided to destroy, burn, beat, starve and simply kill. Ziggy, however, survived and recovered because of his unbelievable smarts, courage, toughness, kindness, strong will and the size of heart. Worlds apart, yet such similar tragedies that met at an adoption center to bring real prospective to life. They will care for each other forever and tell their story.

Both of them will share similar advice, probably, each in his own language:

  • Care for your family, don't complain, trust the right people, have a purpose, have a plan, never stop fighting for what’s right and yours, there is always a better way and don’t ever give up.
  • Love, rescue and adopt animals.
  • Help others. Open your heart to everyone and peace will win every time.

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Published: 2019
Page Count: 96

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aaron tzamarot

Best book. Everyone should read.