Managing Menopause With Bio-Identical Hormones

By Dr. Pamela B. Egan, DNP, MS, CNS and Dr. Janet Jones, DNS, APRN, CNS
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Menopausal women in America often do not obtain optimal health and a wholesome quality of life because of confusion and misunderstanding concerning hormone replacement therapy. Practitioners often resort to the status quo and are paralyzed into immobility.

Managing Menopause with Bio-Identical Hormones lays out a safe, evidence-based protocol for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that can help alleviate the fears associated with prescribing a hormone replacement therapy. Policy makers, educators, and healthcare professionals can become more adept at serving menopausal women through the use of this protocol and menopausal women can enjoy a higher quality of life.

About the Authors

Dr. Pamela B. Egan received her DNP from Southeastern Louisiana University. Her second Masters in Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine is from USF College of Medicine. She completed a Fellowship with the Metabolic Medical Institute, is a Certified Diabetes Educator, and Board Certified Adult & Family Nurse Practitioner. She received her first Masters in Gerontology/Mental Health from LSUHSC and BSN from University of LA Lafayette. Dr. Egan started Egan Home Health & Hospice with her husband Peter Egan in 1988. She now has a Wellness Clinic and is passionate about helping people obtain optimal health.

Dr. Janet Jones has been a registered nurse for over forty years. Her focus is clinical research. Currently she serves as the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program Coordinator at Southeastern Louisiana University. She worked closely with Dr. Pamela B. Egan to appraise the impact of a bio-identical hormone protocol in Dr. Egan’s practice.

Dr. Jones is married to Eric, a small business owner in Covington, Louisiana. They have four children and six grandchildren. She has been assisting individuals with nutrition through community gardening and culinary classes.

Published: 2019
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