Culturally Tailored Behavior Based Safety

By David W. Velmosky
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Every employer wants to maintain workplace safety. However, too often, employers think they need to hire expensive outside help to create and sustain safety. David W. Velmosky knows this isn’t true and in Culturally Tailored Behavior Based Safety, he outlines how to create a worker consensus-based safety design that is effective for your facility.

Culturally Tailored Behavior Based Safety is a method that uses input from employees at all levels. Your workplace, your employees, are unique – your workplace safety must be unique as well. Thorough research of each individual facility’s culture will give you insight on what the safety solutions are. Corporate leadership needs to develop a democratic approach with facility leadership and workers. When workers feel like they own the safety of their facility and it fully reflects their culture, they will be more engaged in safety. By keeping an open mind and using a positive, cooperative problem solving team approach, your facility can not only decrease but eliminate workplace accidents.

Velmosky stresses flexibility and common sense to create a safety blueprint. Real life examples will encourage you to implement targeted safety procedures. Culturally Tailored Behavior Based Safety provides detailed instructions on how to design, communicate, and implement a safety program that will work for your facility.

Workplace accidents are not acceptable nor are they inevitable. This book is a must-read for human resources, safety officials, union officials, and everyone working to create a safe and effective work environment. A safety-strong culture creates a productive and welcoming environment for all employees.

About the Author

David W. Velmosky has worked in numerous positions, including Vice President of Human Resources for employers with hundreds and thousands of employees. He has been published by the National Safety Council and won the 2012 National Distribution Services “Innovator of the Year” human resources award for his innovated safety practices. He has worked in a variety of manufacturing companies, including oil and gas, chemicals, plastics, and medical products. He has a Masters in Industrial Relations.

At the age of twenty-two, Velmosky was permanently disabled when his left arm was almost completely severed in a workplace accident. Days before, he had brought his concerns about safety to plant management and was ignored. Worker safety became a passion that he devoted his life to until his retirement.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 204

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Tondelaya Tartt
Safety Culture

I have been very fortunate to have worked with the Author and was able to see firsthand what it takes to change the culture of the building in reference to Safety. The hardest part is to change the culture of the building from top down. Full support is needed from all partners in and out of the building to maintain a behavior based safety program. Focusing daily on eliminating unsafe conditions and addressing unsafe behaviors is key to the success of a behavior based safety program. I recommend this easy read to all of my colleagues regardless of industry.