A Manual For The Ultimate Real Estate Investor

By Ben Soifer and Brielle Soifer
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 What if you could cut to the chase of real estate investing and learn from an ultimate real estate investor?

Whether you’re already building your portfolio or exploring your first investment, this book is for you. It contains a mix of practical knowledge and insider info from a career investor. 

About the Author

Ben is passionate about sharing his knowledge with his family and friends. He and his wife include their kids in important family conversations, and they all set goals together. One of their favorite things to do as a family is travel, and thanks to achieving financial freedom through long-term investments, it’s possible. 

Brielle Soifer learned from a young age that long-term investments were the key to financial independence. As a college student, Brielle is laying the foundation for her real estate education by learning everything she can from her father’s decades of success. With a passion for mass media communication, Brielle adds age-relevant content to the book that encourages and enlightens young people to take control of their financial future. 

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 104