Wolf And Amaryllis: A Collection Of Poetry

By Sebastian Guyette
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Sebastian Guyette immerses himself into the artwork of words to create meaning in this beautiful collection of poems. The themes of the text include heartbreak, love and the duality it brings, and the mind under intense emotion. The poems are told from multiple perspectives and touch on both everyday and extreme circumstances in life. One particular poem that stands out explores the mental state of a Russian girl whose mother sold her into sex trafficking in order to feed her heroin addiction. Join Guyette as he searches for meaning in the emotions that make us all human.

About the Author

Sebastian Guyette was born in Rutland, Vermont, and he still resides there today. He grew up with a single mom who struggled with her place in the world. He had a brother and sister by his side when he was a child, for which he is grateful. He was eventually adopted by his grandfather at the age of eight. Guyette uses emotions to fuel his creativity, and his mother and sister who are also artists. He enjoys the beauty of words and all that they can bring to the writer and reader.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 92