Why? By Carol Hummel

By Carol Hummel
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Suicide is on the rise.

Statistics and studies may show the common reasons why it is happening, like the worsening economic situation around the globe, social pressures, hopelessness, and mental illness. This is alarming, especially when taking a closer look at teenagers and young adults who contemplated, attempted, or successfully committed suicide.

Why? compiles real-life stories of teenagers who are victims of bullying and other circumstances, which left deep emotional and psychological wounds, affecting their self-worth. These children often asked why they are in such a predicament. Some of them who couldnt find a way out ended their lives.

This book aims to enlighten everyone about whats really going on in the minds of youths when they feel helpless and hopeless, as well as suggests ways for both the parents and children on how to avoid bullying and how to heal the wounded spirits, making them feel that life is worth living again.

About the Author

Carol T. Hummel had been a Girl Scout leader in her younger days. She worked as crossing guard and then as bus driver until she retired in 2000. An active member of her church, she spearheaded fundraisings and organized the Tea at Church, which is held annually. She is also a member of Welcome Wagon for many years and is recently the Queen Mom for the Red Hat group in Warminster, Pennsylvania, where she currently lives with her husband, David.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 40