The Investigation Of Lived Experience From A Phenomenographic And Phenomenological Perspective In The Scope Of A Metaphysical Aura And Knowledge Base

By Eva Krawczyk
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When it comes to the lives we lead, we are not self-contained vessels. Everything around us influences us in some way and everything we do expresses something about ourselves. But do we truly understand how all of these things contribute to our specific lived experience? In The Investigation of Lived Experience, author Eva Krawczyk provides us with her own the importance of attaining unity between the physical, mental, and spiritual natures. Inspired by her doctoral dissertation discussing religious aspects of current metaphysical literature, the author applies these findings to her life while simultaneously examining popular cultural beliefs and interpretations. Krawczyk calls on a plethora of sources in this study: from Wicca to the Big Bang theory, from religion to extrasensory perception, from ethnography to hermeneutics and semiotics. Through a vast number of literature references and recounting her personal experiences, Krawczyk makes clear the thesis that ones life experiences are as varied as ones reality, and to understand ones lived experiences, its necessary to understand both ones reality as well as ones psychology.

About the Author

Eva Krawczyk holds several degrees, including an associates in illutration/design from the American Academy of Art, a bachelors in media management from Columbia College, an MBA and MSIS from Roosevelt University, and a doctorate of divinity from Trinity College. A member of the Graphic Artists Guild and the Polish National Alliance, she also volunteers for the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls and enjoys oil painting, animation, films, reading, writing, creating, expanding her horizons, and new technology.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 202