She Does Not Fit

By Liubov Litvinkova
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Despite growing up in a world of societal unrest, poverty and nationalism, with the background of abuse and rejection by parental figures, Liubov Litvinkova, in her inspiring memoir, shares her ability to overcome any obstacle through her indomitable spirit and her love of life itself. Her life-long struggle to belong and find a home will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced pain of rejection and disapproval by loved ones and the injustice of the imperfect immigration laws. Litvinkova’s path through loneliness and heartbreak develops faith beyond oneself and gives hope for those who do not fit.

About the Author

Liubov Litvinkova is a wife, mother, chemist, artist and poet. Growing up in the environment incompatible with development of talents and intellectual ability, she had to develop her skills on her own without support from her family. She has faced massive obstacles, but her drive has led her to become stronger and reach for a better life for herself and her immediate family.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 54