Sacred Garden: A Return To Peace

By Amy Lynn
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Sacred Garden is about hope and healing to overcome challenges and live your best life. It teaches how to transform heartache to victory.

This book includes powerful strategies that are well used in the field of psychology. It will help you discover the best of who you are. It describes revolutionary ideas for individual and collective transformation. It inspires spiritual growth through meditation and energy work. Sacred Garden is so relevant in a society saturated in trauma. It provides readers with mindful tools to cultivate peace, joy, and happiness. It includes personal and clinical examples of struggle and heartache matched with mindful methods to overcome. You will learn viable, lasting practices that lead to abundance.

We create our destiny. We can enjoy the journey, delight in life, and be enchanted. Life is abundant and truly magical when we learn to be mindful and appreciate our many gifts.

About the Author

Amy Lynn has practiced in the field of psychology for over twenty years, helping thousands of patients find hope and healing. She is a proud mother of two incredible kids who now have amazing families of their own including all her wonderful grands! Amy runs a private practice in the heart of downtown Sioux City. She offers mindful meditation seminars and empowerment workshops worldwide. She has masters degrees in psychology, clinical mental health, and addictions therapy. She is a nationally certified professional counselor, a licensed psychotherapist, and a wellness coach in the areas of empowerment, personal discovery, and spiritual growth.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 280

Customer Reviews

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Carrie Nealon
A Tranquil Journey

Amy Lynn's "Sacred Garden: A Return to Peace" is a mesmerizing exploration of self-discovery and inner peace. In this soulful journey, Lynn invites readers to embark on a transformative experience, weaving together spirituality, nature, and personal growth in a seamless tapestry of wisdom and inspiration. The book navigates diverse topics, from the interconnectedness of all living things to the power of gratitude and the importance of cultivating inner stillness. Lynn's holistic approach encourages readers to embrace a more mindful and purposeful existence, fostering a sense of harmony with both the self and the world.

Sacred Garden A Return to Power

I've read many books on mindset, meditation, and empowerment over the years but none that have gone straight to the heart of the matter more than Amy's Sacred Garden. I felt an alive spirit flowing through me as I read each page. I originally believed this was just another run of mill book and that I would just read it and then pass it on but this one is a highlighted keeper (my favorite kind of book!)

Cheryl H.
Sacred Garden

This book is love for my soul❤️ I have never read a book that taught me so much about my feelings and how to deal with past trauma and negative thoughts. I love that Amy shares her experiences and teaches how to turn your thinking around. I literally feel lighter and happier after reading this healing book. A great read that will transform your thinking to a more positive mindset. This book is a keeper!

Carolyn Griffin
Hope and Healing

Amy Lynn's book is a banquet for the soul! She dives deep into her past and reveals the pain she has lived through, and how she learned to overcome. Her journey of self discovery is one of healing. Each chapter is filled with experiences and lessons many can use in their own life. I especially like her chapters on principles, meditation, prayers and mantras. They are very helpful to get me through my day. I realized while reading them, you can shift your thought process during difficult times. Her book is a wonderful guide to peace in your own life!

Finding hope and healing through life’s journey

In Sacred Garden, A Return to Peace, Amy Lynn takes readers on a journey through some of her life experiences in which she persevered and found healing, hope and peace. It is also a journey for the reader, offering a series of exercises and opportunities to reflect, journal and perhaps discover his/her destiny. The meditations, prayers and mantras are an added bonus. This book is a must have if you’re looking to find gratefulness, hope, peace and presence in your daily life.