Diaries Of The Lost: What Are You Hiding?

By Rose Kathence Mae
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Diaries of the Lost: What Are You Hiding?

To some degree we all wear our own mask a disguise for most of our dear life, we crave for acceptance while we define our individuality. Deep within that mask lies the real character we are too afraid to show whether good or bad.

Diaries of the Lost, What Are You Hiding? explored the psychological and emotional struggles of coping with a persons existential crisis. How does one see oneself among the people around him or her? Does this crisis overwhelm him or her? Then, he or she will have to choose one way or the other, the right or the wrong, to live or to die.

Sink into the deep recesses of the minds of the people who dared to survive from an impending death, the morbid thoughts of those who contemplated suicide, and those who felt remorse for the choices they madethe victims of their own selves.

About the Author

Rose Kathence Maes personal experience with eating disorder and depression inspired her to write this book that reflects on the message regarding some modern issues which she aims to convey to her reader.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 58