Death, Transcendence, And Beyond: A Priest's Psychopomp Journey Into The Reality Of The Afterlife

By Rev. Gary W. Duncan, M.S., M.A., CSM/OCP
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Death, Transcendence, and Beyond chronicles Rev. Gary W. Duncan’s spiritual journey, from exploring the pagan Christian traditions of his Cherokee grandmother during childhood, to his adolescent job in a funeral home, to his own psychological and metaphysical studies later in life, leading him to ultimately become an ordained priest and psychopomp, a spiritual “tour guide” for the dying.

In this highly personal and transparent work, Rev. Gary Duncan explores topics such as death, reincarnation, karma, the afterlife, and magick, and how expanding his understanding of our world and the next made him into the spiritual leader he is today.

About the Author

Rev. Gary W. Duncan, M.S., M.A., CSM/OCP began his career in the funeral business and later went into industrial chemistry where he spent over five years in polymer research and another five years in behavioral, social science, and medical research. He spent the next twenty-one years in private practice as a psychotherapist, sex therapist, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the State of Ohio. He is a writer, published author, ordained Gnostic Catholic Priest, and founder of the Monastery of Inner Awakening, a center for the study of sacred sciences, the soul, and the afterlife.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 186