Cases And Views From A General Practitioner In Industrial/Organizational Psychology

By Clyde C. Mayo, Ph.D.
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A unique text in the field of Industrial and Organizational psychology, Dr. Clyde C. Mayo’s Cases and Views from a General Practitioner in Industrial/Organizational Psychology analyzes real-world case studies to share experiences with colleagues, I/O psychologists in general, and junior or apprentice psychologists in particular. This work contains ideas about philosophy of practice, cases on ethics, and problem-solving techniques.

Clear and concise in its presentation, Cases and Views brings forward a wealth of ideas and experiences that will be of help to any I/O professional searching for approaches to problems posed by client organizations. 

About the Author

Dr. Clyde C. Mayo was an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist who resided in Houston, Texas, until his death in 2017. He was a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), the Houston Area Industrial/Organizational Psychologists (HAIOP), the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychologists (SIOP), and served as president of the Texas Chapter (TIOP). He held degrees in History at Rice University (BA), Psychology at the University of Houston (BS), Clinical Psychology at Trinity University (MS), and Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Houston (PhD). He practiced I/O Psychology for 35 years and was a principal of the general management consulting firm LWFW, Inc. He founded Management and Personnel Systems as an I/O Psychology firm in 1983.

Dr. Mayo practiced in industry/manufacturing, government, commercial services, banking, retail, petrochemicals, and a variety of other types of organizations. In this book, he has taken the opportunity to share professional experiences and views with members of the profession and others who may be interested.

(2017, Paperback, 138 pages)

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