A Psychosocial Analysis Of Africans In American

By Dr. Ben "Menes" Robertson
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As an educator at a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), author Dr. Ben Robertson Jr. is appalled by the severe lack of information in books used in human behavior classes in the social environment, and it spurred him to write this fascinating book. A Psychosocial Analysis of Life in America for Afrikan Americans is designed to portray a truer picture of the challenges, shortcomings, and successes Afrikan Americans have encountered throughout their lives in America. It’s both a historical account of what Afrikan Americans have gone through as well as thoughtful, pivotal instructions and suggestions directed toward the Afrikan American community with respect to making important improvements in the lives of its members.

About the Author

For the past fifty-plus years, Dr. Ben "Menes" Robertson has been involved in activities centered around empowering members of urban Afrikan American communities; this includes his work in public and private schools, teaching at HBCUs, and assisting public officials to improve the life conditions and chances of success of every man, woman, and child living in those communities. Every article he has written, workbook he has developed, and program restructuring he has implemented has been designed to empower the urban Afrikan American community to do what it can do for themselves as residents as well as through coordinated efforts towards improvements with other concerned persons.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32